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Benefits of ChinUps and PushUps

The Cardiovascular Value of Chin-ups and Push-ups


Why Should I Do Pull-ups?

A regular exercise schedule of chin-ups (also called pull-ups) combined with push-ups makes for an inexpensive, but very effective, means to a well-toned upper body. Get ripped!

Chinup exercises focus on developing the back and biceps (the “pulling” muscles), while pushups addresses the chest, shoulders, and biceps (the “pushing” muscles). Both exercises, properly done, involve major muscle groups and therefore also give a solid workout to the cardiovascular system – the heart and lungs.

Chin-ups (Pull-ups)

Most of us have memories of doing chinups for P.E. or gym class when we were in school – and most of these memories are not good. However, they absolutely were good for us! Fortunately, this simple exercise has benefit even if you can only do one chin-up! The key with chinups and pushups is to just get started and then continue doing them regularly.

multichin1sm.jpgThe most common way to do chinups is to face the bar, then grab it with your palms facing you, at about shoulder width (this is the “close grip” method). Pull yourself up slowly, with no jerking (this is cheating! – you don’t get the full benefit of the chin-up), keeping your body steady (try not to sway). A simple alternative is to turn your hands where your palms face out from you.

multichin5sm.jpgAnother option is a wide-grip approach. Grab the bar with your palms facing away from you, beyond shoulder width, and pull yourself up, until the back of your neck touches the bar. This exercise builds your lats (the muscles below your armpits). This technique is more difficult than the first, so you may want to build up to this one.

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Pushups, which build your shoulders, triceps, and chest, are especially effective if using a device which elevates you above the ground. The Everlast Multifunction Chinning and Pushup Bar is very effective for this. Elevating yourself in this way allows you to “dip” and get full extension of your upper body muscles, especially your pectorals (or “pecs”.)

multichin7sm.jpgTo do the pushups properly, place your hands on the bar, push yourself all the way up, exhaling as you go. Then, let yourself down, inhaling as you do, letting your chest touch the bar (this assures that you use the full range of your muscles). Continue, raising and lowering yourself completely, for a comfortable number of repetitions.

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The Workout

The key to chinups and pull-ups is to not overdo it, especially at first, and seek to slowly increase your reps over time. Also, try doing more than one “set” each time you exercise. For instance, if you can comfortably do twelve pushups to start with, try doing two sets of eight. Over time, increase the reps within each set.

The Equipment

chinbar2sm.jpgThe Everlast Multi-function Chinning and Sit-up Bar is a simple, but very useful piece of equipment. It helps you to do chin-ups with different grips, push-ups, and even sit ups. For pull-ups and chinups only, the Everlast Chinning and Sit-up Bar is very helpful. Click the link below to go to www.myersdrug.com where you can learn more about this equipment!

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