The History of Myers Drug

Myers Drug is located in downtown San Angelo. The original Myers Drug Store was started by the late C. Russell Myers in 1934. It has been located on historic Chadbourne street since its inception. The store was originally located at 26 So. Chadbourne between the Central National Bank and the Sears, Roebuck and Co. Building. In 1958, after 33 years of operation at the same location, Myers Drug Store relocated to 22 So. Chadbourne due to expansion by the Central National Bank. Mr. Myers continued to operate his business at this location until his death in September of 1976. In November of 1976 the business was purchased by Dale and Joyce Chadwick. Dale had managed the business for the previous five years, allowing for a smooth transfer of ownership.

Under new ownership, Myers Drug continued to progress with the changing medical needs of the community. With the addition of Doug Chadwick to the staff in 1992, a commitment to home medical equipment and supplies took place. The major emphasis of the business remained in the area of pharmacy service, however, the ability to meet more patient needs was expanded. Then in 1996 Myers Drug became a member of the Professional Compounding Centers of America. This began a process of becoming problem-solving specialists... working with physicians and patients to meet specific needs through the preparation of specialized medications.

In September, 2000, Myers Drug entered a new phase of serving others when it moved into a newly renovated building across the street from its former site. ThisThe newly renovated, 108 year old Myers Drug building new facility allows us to have a nutritional center, gifts section, pharmacy, state-of-the-art compounding area, along with a health and medical equipment area. This renovation turned a turn-of-the-century eyesore in the busy downtown area into a facility the community can be proud of. Should you ever be in the area, we invite you to come see our beautiful building!

The past few years has seen a rededication to another lost art of pharmacy: natural products. The pharmacists at Myers have made a commitment to stay abreast the latest information on herbs, vitamins, nutraceuticals, phytochemicals, homeopathic medicines, and other natural products. Nutritional and pharmaceutical counseling has been combined at Myers so that we can fully meet the needs of today's health conscience consumer. Thus Myers Drug has become Myers Drug, the Wellness Store.

With the combination of services available through the Wellness Store and compounding, Myers Drug has truly set itself apart. We're excited about the future as further expansion is currently being considered. We look forward to the opportunities this move will allow as we continue to expand and grow in order to serve the people of San Angelo.