Calcium & Magnesium Citrates

Calcium & Magnesium Citrates 1

Calcium & Magnesium Citrates

Calcium & Magnesium Citrates

A form of Calcium that is gentle on the stomach.

Calcium & Magnesium Citrate is formulated to be a convenient combination of two nutrients that are often missing in the average American’s diet. Calcium Citrate is a form of Calcium that does not require stomach acid or food for absorption, so it is considered to be more gentle on the stomach. Calcium citrate may benefit those who have decreased stomach acid due to aging, surgery, or certain medications (e.g., antacids). Calcium Citrate can also be taken with or without food. Magnesium assists the body with bone formation and Vitamin D improves Calcium absorption. Zinc is a key mineral that plays a role in more than 20 reactions in the body.