In 1994, Edge Clothing Inc. launched its first line, in the heart of LA's fashion district and has now grown into a network of design, production and distribution worldwide. With our growth has come the privilege to introduce a new line, launched in 2010: Blu Pepper. A Blu Pepper girl is one who maintains her youthful, flirty personality while branching out confidently with a vintage flair.  We design for the girl who admits there is a bit of dreamy romantic in her, and communicates it through her effortless style. Our name, our label, our styles, and most importantly, our vision are tailored to the spontaneous yet sensible Blu Pepper girl.



  For more than 27 years, Kerusso has been the leading Christian clothing company designing and creating Christian T-shirtsChristian jewelry, and Christian gifts that are being used by millions of Christians to start conversations about Jesus. Kerusso is the Greek word meaning, "to herald (as a public crier), especially divine truth (the Gospel); preach, proclaim, publish".


Simply Beautiful, Simply Affordable, Simply Noelle.

Simply Noelle is a brand of women’s fashions and apparel – and we have been creating products that make customers feel beautiful since 2005.