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2018 March Newsletter - Top Five Supplements for Depression, Biblican Keys to Physical, Emotional, & Spiritual Health, Walk in the Light - John 8:12, The Best Medicine, Why Compound at Myers Drug, Specialists Ready to Service You; Lori Todd & Sharon Conley, Essential Oils, Tips & Tricks, Our Favorite Vitamin, New Englander Jacket, 20% off Regular Priced Nutritional Product through March 31st.

2017 November Newsletter - The Many Benefits of Olive Leaf Extract, GET A FLU SHOT, COMPRESSION STOCKINGS, Flavor Update, Mushroom Power, Essential Oils Tips & Tricks, The Best Medicine, Proverbs to Live By, Shingles Treatment, 20% off Coupon, Happy Thanksgiving.

2017 September NewsletterHow to Choose a Compounding Pharmacy, Important Vaccination Information, Essential Oils Tips & Tricks: Eucalyptus Oil, Support for Stressful Times, Proverbs to Live By: Work When You Can, Pride Scooters

2017 August Newsletter - Top Five Supplements for your Health, Hair, Skin & Nail Support, Join Our REWARDS Program, Back to School, Essential Oils Tips & Tricks, the Best Medicine, Proverbs to Live By, Featured Compound-Lollipops for Pain Relief, 20% off Nutritional Supplement, Adjustable Rollator with 8" wheels.

2017 June Newsletter - Bone Density-Do You Know the Numbers, Fit Flops, Featured Essential Oil-Breathe Again Roll On, Homeopathic Pain Medicine, the Best Medicine, Proverbs to Live By, Featured Compound-Lollipops for Pain-Relief, 20% off Nutritional Supplement, Thyroid Support Complex.

2017 April Newsletter - Let’s Talk Irritable Bowel, Travel Plans? JOBST, Text Message Notifications, Allergy Fight-D-Hist, Essential Oil-Grapefruit, Proverbs to Live by, Featured Compound-Migraines

2017 March Newsletter - Recovering Energy, Resiliance and Endurance, Eight Reasons Why Everyone Needs Supplements, Proverbs to Live by, Featured Compound "Cold Sores", Essential Oils Tips & Tricks for Spring, What To Eat, Penetran Plus "Guaranteed Relief".

2017 February NewsletterTwo Risk Factors for Heart Health, For Your Convenience, Antioxidant Support, Essential Oils Tips & Tricks, Proverbs to Live By: Learn to Accept Discipline, Featured Compound: Hormone Imbalance Issues, Roll-On Relief, LOL - The Best Medicine.

2017 January NewsletterThyroid 101: Beware of Opposites, Our 'Top Five' Supplements for Your Health, Time to Cleanse, Essential Oils Tips & Tricks, Featured Compound: Vaginal Dryness, ReVitalize Multivitamin Mineral Complex, Proverbs to Live By, Young Living's Home Diffuser.

2016 December NewsletterWhen to Keep Your Kids Home from School, A Closer Look: Vaccinations, Proverbs to Live By, Featured Compound: Magic Mouthwash for Ulcers, Bye-Bye Bellyache, Holiday Hours, Essential Oil Spotlight: Sacred Frankincense, Boost your immune system this winter with our Immune Protocol.

2016 November NewsletterMyers Drug Pharmacy has PCAB Accreditation, A Closer Look: Digestive Enzymes, Proverbs to Live by, Blanket Scarves, Featured Compound - Eczema, Psoriasis, & Xerosis, Natural Remedy for Colds & Flu.

2016 October Newsletter - Medicare Open Enrollment, A Closer Look: Flu Shots, A Closer Look: Prevagen, Proverbs to Live by, Notice Medicare Patients, Featured Compounds - Treatments for Hemorrhoids, SAM-e.

2016 September Newsletter - Essential Oils:  How They Can Help, A Unique Options for Vaginal Dryness, Say YES to a Smoothie Today, Comfort for Vaginal Applications, Got Aloe?

2016 July Newsletter - Filling Prescriptions: What You Should Know, A Closer Look: Magnesium, Treatments for Hemorrhoids, Simplify, Synchronize, Arthritis Pain… Stop.

2016 May Newsletter - D-Hist - Beat Your Seasonal Allergies to the Punch, A Closer Look at Probiotics, My AMAZING Scar Therapy, Avoid Side Effects of Diabetes Medication, Promethazine - for preventing and controlling the nausea and vomiting associated with illness, surgery, or motion sickness can NOW be compounded into a transdermal cream.

2016 March Newsletter - Eliminating Chronic Acid Reflux & Indigestion, A Closer Look-Vitamin D, Bio-Identical vs Synthetic Hormones, Avoid Side Effects of Birth Control & Hormone Replacement.

2016 January Newsletter - Be Healthy, Stay Healthy, A Closer Look; Multivitamins, High Blood Pressure.

2015 October Newsletter - Preparing for Winter, Support Your Body's Stress Regulator, Three Ways to Support Breast Cancer Awareness, Fight the FLU

2015 September Newsletter - 10 Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Brain, Essential Oils: Thieves;Important Information for Flu Season, Nora Fleming Gifts, NEW CDC Recommendation, Guaranteed Pain Relief.

2015 August Newsletter - Restless Leg Syndrome, Back to School Health Support, Help Your ADD/ADHD Student Focus,  A Unique Solution for Sinus Sufferers, 20% off any Nutritional Supplement and Klean Kanteen.

2015 July Newsletter - Top Five Supplements you should be taking?, Top Five Reasons to Join Sync RX, Medication Managment Therapy (MTM), Bio Identical Therapy Testimonial, 2 FREE Seminars, Bone Health & BHRT.

2015 June Newsletter - Three Common Prostate Problems, How to Choose a Compound Pharmacy, Smoothie & Shakes that energize your Health, Testosterone Levels Support.

2015 May Newsletter- Bone Health, What are Bio-Identical Hormones?, Scar Therapy, Healthy Hair, Skin & Nails. 

2015 March Newsletter - Adrenal Fatigue, Beware: Medications can Rob You, Shingles.

2015 February Newsletter - Not a MAGIC Pill...But Close, Attention Diabetics, How Much Can You Eat, Taking a Statin? Read this...