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Chronic inflammation of the back and bone injury 

Bones grow and develop throughout childhood and adolescence, and in a person’s twenties bone mass increases by 15 percent.  Every bone has a combination of compact tissue and spongy tissue, with the amount and proportion in constant flux.  Some bones are so dense they appear solid, while others are primarily a complex webbing of bone tissue. 

Two types of bone cells reshape bones.  The “osteoclast” detects older or slightly damaged bone matter and slowly dissolves it, leaving behind a space.  The “osteoblast” then moves into this space and spins out new bone matter to fill the space.  With osteoclast/osteoblast equilibrium, bone mass remains stable.  When the equilibrium shifts, bone mass is altered.

Bone, like all living tissue, requires adequate nutrition for proper growth.  Physical stresses on a bone caused by gravitational pull and the contraction of muscle also stimulate it to increase in size.  Most authorities agree that the best course of treatment is to treat the patients themselves, through homeopathic constitutional treatment, which takes into account any symptoms of imbalance that might be present.

Calcarea Carbonica 30X – Faulty development of bones.  Open fontanelles.  Curvatures, bone growths, rickets.  Osteoporus.

Calcarea Fluorica 30X
– Bony growths, osteo-sarcoma, exostosis after injury.  Bone spurs.  Deformities of bones.

Calcarea Phosphorica 30X – Osteoporus.  Slow ossification, non-union of bones.  Rickets.  It has an affinity where bones form sutures or symphysis, pain, burning along sutures.


Fluoricum Acidum 30X – Decay of long bones, ulcerations, bedsores, varicose veins.  Early decay of teeth.  Goiter.  Acts especially upon lower tissues and indicated in deep, destructive processes. 


Hecla Lava 30X – Affects mostly the bones of the head, jaws, teeth and legs. Has a marked action upon the jawbones.  Bone necrosis.  Decay of bone.

Rhus Toxicodendron 30X
– Hot, painful swelling of joints.  Soreness of condyles of bones.  Limbs stiff, paralyzed.  Ankles swollen, stiff after sprain or injury.  Inflammation and swelling of the long bones, scraping, gnawing, tearing loose in periosteum.

Silicea 30X
– Diseases of bones and cartilages, decay and necrosis, softening of bones. 

Symphytum Officinale 30X – Stimulates the growth of bone cells and epithelium on ulcerated surfaces.  Bone remedy.  Injuries to bones, cartilages, periosteum with excessive pain.  Factures, broken bones.  Non-union of fractures. 

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