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Behind every product at Mary Meyer there is a family…the Meyer family. Today the third generation of the Meyer family makes toys that incorporate the quality and safety we require for our own children -all 18 of them! That’s why all our toys meet or exceed every US toy safety requirement. Every product is held to the strict quality standards of the United States and the Consumer Product Safety Commission.



Little Golden Books is a popular series of children's books. By 2001, nearly 15 million copies of The Poky Little Puppy have been sold.



Laughter is the best medicine. This adorable book is fast on it’s way to becoming a cherished classic. A loveable monster with big puffy mitts has just flown in from Planet Tickle. His mission is to bring joy and laughter to Planet Earth. How? By tickling any child who happens to follow along in this book. Parents read aloud and do the tickling, while their children squirm and giggle with delight.