CORE 4 Supplements

CORE 4 Supplements 1

CORE 4 Supplements

Nutritional supplements have come a long way when it

comes to pharmaceutical grade vitamins.

Myers Drug is taking a leading roll in preparing

their customers for what's new, and what's working."


Like CORE 4.

Four distinct but different supplements that can be

taken daily to improve your daily health. 

It's the BEST of the BEST when it comes to Vitamin Health.


Plus...when you buy all four CORE 4 products, 

you'll automatically get 15% off on your online purchase.


So, find out for yourself, and use CORE 4 supplements

in combination for 30 days.  Then, share your

"CORE 4 story" with the

Myers Drug Supplement Specialist.  She will

include your story in an upcoming Newsletter... 

plus, you'll receive a $10 Myers gift card.  


So, go ahead!  Make it a CORE 4 Day!