Tired of ordering prescription refills several times a month? If your answer is yes, Myers Drug is here to help.

Introducing our SyncRx program. The SyncRx program allows us to fill all of your routine, maintenance medications on the same day each month. For example: We can have your prescriptions ready on the 15th day (you choose the day) of each month. You don’t have to spend your time ordering refills anymore. We will call you a few days before your designated day to make sure that there have been no changes in your prescription regimen. If there are no changes, we will fill your prescriptions to be ready on your designated day. Our computer system will then text and/or call you to tell you that your prescriptions are ready. It’s that simple.

Contact one of our pharmacy staff for more details about SyncRx, or simply fill out the enrollment form below to get signed up today!